About us

Steel Tube Manufacturer - Shun Yui Industrial Co.,Ltd

Shun Yui Industrial Co., Ltd. established in 1988, makes efforts in research and development of car and motorbike bushing, chassis components, structure steel pipes and special steel pipes. We provide our customers with the high-quality products and fast delivery by taking advantage of our high-tech facilities and by following the strict production flow chart. We commit to provide the best service to our customers.

Shun Yui Industrial Co., Ltd. sells metal products in many countries, including America,japan,Holland, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Thailand, Philippines and Australia. Now we are expanding our service to European market and aiming at the goal of selling worldwide..

Number of employees: 50
Productive Capacity :(average) 400 tons/month
Equipments :Hydraulic metal sawing machine * 20、Hydraulic metal-shaping press machine* 12、Laser cutting Machine * 5 、NC metal circular sawing machine* 5、Semi-auto chamfering machine*10、Full-auto chamfering machine*30